10. Türkiye Emok Festivali
 Ana Sayfa
Membership Application

Thanks for your interest in our club.

In order that your membership application to be operated, please print out the application form filling it completely and sign. Before submitting your form, you should have it signed by 2 of EMOK members who will give reference about you. Your membership process shall start, in addition to the above, when you submit the following documents in accordance with the association law, via mail or by hand.

In accordance with our legislation, the membership process shall proceed as follows:

After submitting to the Board of Directors your application form together with the abovementioned documents in their entirety, your application shall be subjected to preliminary investigation and suspending/objection stage. You will be invited to our meetings and events in order to introduce you to our members.  If there is no objection at the end of the process, the Board of Directors of EMOK shall decide on your membership and you will be informed. The finalization of your membership request as well as letting you know about it shall take place within 2 months of your application date at
the latest.
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